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Apulian aperitif: the specialties of Puglia in a dish.
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Apulian aperitif: the specialties of Puglia in a dish.

Apulian aperitif: the specialties of Puglia in a dish.


The Apulian aperitif is a real ritual, the specialties of Puglia to be enjoyed in a single dish.

Become a fixed appointment for lunch or even in the evening as an aperitif, each region will surely have its own way of presenting the dish of its aperitif, with its specialties, to be served together with a spritz, a glass of wine, or a cocktail.

Today on Must Food we talk about the aperitif in Puglia where the gastronomic specialties will certainly not be lacking, we present a real Apulian aperitif dish.

Apulian aperitif: the specialties of Puglia in a dish.

focaccia barese the most typical Apulian aperitif. dish of Puglia divine specialty.

 Apulian aperitif the specialties of Puglia in a dish. Focaccia barese, panzerotto and raw seafood to entertain with friends.

Lunch break or after work, excellent opportunity to spend free time in the company and have a chat with friends and in front of a nice plate of Apulian aperitif in which the specialties of the land of Puglia triumph on the plate. The most typical Apulian aperitif is certainly served with a plate of Bari focaccia or panzerotto and strictly beer, but not all beers, because for the people of Bari it is the Peroni, for the Taranto people the Raffo. The scent of focaccia, whose specialty is the dough half of wheat and half of semolina, seasoned with cherry tomatoes, olives, oregano and oil that makes the edge crispy, inebriates the palate, as well as inebriates the panzerotto, fried pasta stuffed with tomato and mozzarella, the classic, but there are many variations of specialties such as stewed turnips or 'turnips infucate', meat, mortadella and provolone, tuna and onion and among all tomato, mozzarella and strong ricotta.  

Apulian aperitif: the specialties of Puglia in a dish.

panzorotti most characteristic specialty of Puglia. the most typical Apulian panzerotto that tomato mozzarella and ricotta forte. aperitif.

And if you enjoy a plate of Apulian aperitif by the sea in Puglia you can not miss a plate of seafood. The specialties? Mussels, pupils, tagliatelle, walnuts, sea urchins, octopus, scampi and shrimps, with a splash of lemon juice, to remove the bitter taste, all accompanied by a glass of sparkling Apulian wine of the place. There is no shortage of fishmongers in Puglia that in this regard have used a part of their room or outside the gazebos to serve the aperitif based on fish, perhaps accompanied, with other excellent Apulian specialties on the plate, such as taralli, leccine olives, mozzarella morsels, burratina, carousel, tempura of battered vegetables,


Apulian aperitif: the specialties of Puglia in a dish.

A dish of raw fish with the specialties of Puglia in an Apulian aperitif with local sparkling white wine.

Apulian aperitif, the specialties of Puglia in a dish. Frisa, burrata, capocollo of Martina Franca, taste and genuineness

It is not Puglia if with the aperitif is not served on a plate of frise with tomato oil and oregano, mozzarella. For the Apulian frisa is a dinner saver, as well as a specialty that never fails in every aperitif or appetizer. If you have imagination you can season it in a thousand ways always with the specialties of the boob of Puglia, such as turnips, olive pate, red onion of Acquaviva, stracciatella of Gioia del Colle, tomatoes in oil.

Apulian aperitif: the specialties of Puglia in a dish.

an Apulian dish of frise with cherry tomatoes and oil. aperitif and genuine and simple taste in Puglia

And for lovers of cold cuts and dairy products you can taste an excellent dish of Apulian aperitif with local specialties. Puglia also offers land specialties, thanks to the farms that prepare and produce sausages, dairy products and beef and pork.

So why not taste in front of an Apulian aperitif the Burrata di Andria - Puglia, which has the shape of a bag of mozzarella paste, stuffed with frayed mozzarella seasoned with cream, the Canestrato di Andria, the mozzarella or morsels of Gioia del colle - Puglia, the capocollo of Martina Franca, with a delicate taste and not very salty, or an Apulian aperitif with the typical specialties of Puglia: the bombetta, the turcinello, the fried meatballs of ground horse, all accompanied by a good red wine of Puglia, taralli and bread of Altamura -Puglia -.


Apulian aperitif: the specialties of Puglia in a dish.

An Apulian dish served with mozzarella and capocollo from Martina Franca, accompanied with taralli and Rosso di Puglia wine.

And the list of specialties could continue because in Puglia the aperitif becomes a real lunch or dinner. A dish turns into a course of Apulian specialties that do not 'have a tomorrow'

Apulian aperitif: the specialties of Puglia in a dish.

Specialties of burrata, sgagliozze, meatballs, Cerignola olives, Alttamura bread. Apulian doc.

Apulian aperitif the specialties of Puglia in a dish.! Apulian dish of raw fish or cold cuts, panzerotto or focaccia? Simple all the Apulian specialties in a single aperitif dish to have Puglia with you.


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